London Tube Maps

   Central London Tube and Rail Map

    Greater London Tube Map

   Central London Transport Map

      Both Central and Greater London Tube Maps were created in a similar way. Tube and Railway lines were superimposed onto a background map (OS StreetView or OS District Map) along with station and stations’ names. Zones’ boundaries were interpolated from stations status (e.g. Zone 3 line goes between stations belonging to Zone 3 and 4). Coordinates of the stations were mostly taken from OS maps with the exception of about 50 stations that were surveyed on the ground using Garmin GPSMAP 60 CSX receiver.

Both sets consist of 3 versions of the same map, different from each other only in terms of the background maps:

  • versions A have a zones color-coded map as background
  • versions B have a greyscale map as background
  • versions C have a full collour map as background

The third additional map is named Transport Map of Central London. Congestion Charge Zone boundary and ‘Boris Bike’ stations were added to the Central London Tube Map version B (greyscale). The coverage was limited to a little more than the Zone 1.

Software included with this project include Global Mapper, Bentley Microstation v8i and Photoshop CS3.

Date of completion: Spring 2011